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[ # ] Jesse Tyler Ferguson says that Ed O’Neill has a huge schlong!
March 7th, 2017 under Conan O'Brien, Modern Family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was on Conan yesterday and he told the TBS late night host that he learned something new about his television father recently.

Ed O’Neill and him were filming a sauna scene on Modern Family and the actor was to appear nude in it but he was wearing nude underwear to cover up his privates from the crew. When Mitchell looked over at his dad, he noticed that he had a “distracting large” penis. He didn’t want to stare, so he looked away.

Then O’Neill started to become very fidgety and readjusting himself, so Ferguson thought his castmate had an erection. That was when the red head tried to defend his TV pop and took one more quick glance. That was when he realized O’Neill stuffed his underwear with a fake dong to play a prank on his TV son.

O’Neill was so proud of himself for pulling off the prank, he could not control his excitement. Not only because he got Ferguson good, but also because he came up with the joke all by himself. Which was a really good one! And I bet he looked so awwwwwdorable when his plan went up, I mean off, without a hitch.

Now imagine what would’ve happened if O’Neill did that with his TV wife Sofia Vergara? She probably would have laughed, then reached in and grabbed the dildo like it was nothing.

I also wonder if they kept the newest member of the cast around, named it and used it to prank other people on the show. I can totally see Eric Stonestreet walking up to people and tapping them on the shoulder with it. Couldn’t you?


  • Jack Mack

    Ok now that marriage he’s in with Gloria makes perfect sense!


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