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[ # ] Hoda Kotb asks, “#2 is ready to come out,” on the air!
February 1st, 2017 under Fifty Shades, Kathie Lee and Hoda

Don’t you love when you come up with something brilliant to say, then only to realize after you said it that you just became the butt of all jokes? Today, Hoda Kotb was interviewing Dakota Johnson about the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, and said, “Hi Dakota, OK, #2 is ready to come out. Are you ready for it?” As soon the NBC newswoman asked the question, Anastasia Steel could barely hold her laughter back because bathroom jokes are always funny even if they are unintentional.
What also made this perfect is once everyone started laughing Kotb realized how her question sounded kind of like she was she asking her guest if she had to go 💩.
This is what happens when she drinks her wine before she is co-hosting with Kathie Lee Gifford! Although, I can actually see those two co-hosts having a conversation like that during their hour if they tried a new product that was supposed to make them go 💩. I mean they have talked about worse on their show, believe it or not! That is why we love them. And that is why we also gotta love live TV because you never what is going to happen!



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