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Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush try the Healthy Coke
June 8th, 2022 under Kathie Lee and Hoda. [ Comments: 13 ]

If you have been on Tiktok recently, then you have seen people try Healthy Coke. What is it? It is a splash of Balsamic Vinaigrette and a La Croix sparkling flavored water. This one woman swears by it, so will Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush do the same?

For the first time, I saw the Today hosts look disgusted. And if they can’t fake it, that tells you how disgusting it is. So, save the money and don’t buy a La Croix to try it out unless you are a masochist and just have to do it.


Watch Ricky Gervais call Jenna Bush a ‘crazy lady’
May 19th, 2022 under Kathie Lee and Hoda, Ricky Gervais. [ Comments: none ]

Ricky Gervais has a cat named Pickle. However, during an interview on Hoda & Jenna, Jenna Bush insisted on calling the kitty Pickles. So, the comedian called her out on it and said, “You can’t just decide to change her name, Gina.”

Then he looked over to Hoda Kotb and said to her, “I love the fact that you replaced the other crazy lady with another crazy lady. That was clever casting.”

That is the thing that I love most about Gervais. He has the ability to make fun of you to your face, and you just laugh along with him because his smile is so contagious.


Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman part as friends
January 31st, 2022 under Kathie Lee and Hoda. [ Comments: none ]

Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman’s wedding has been on indefinite hold because of COVID-19. And today, the Today host announced that it is permanently off.

“Joel and I have had a lot of prayerful and really meaningful conversations over the holidays, and we decided that we’re better as friends and parents than we are as an engaged couple,” she said.

There was nothing that happened; it is just that their relationship ran its course.

Kotb wasn’t planning on addressing it, but some eagle-eyed viewers noticed she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. So, she decided to share the news with everyone. The anchor said they are used to sharing all of the good news like baby announcements, engagements, and weddings. But sometimes, they also have bad news to share like this.

It was hard for her to do, but she feels better now that she did.

The unbetrothed couple has two adopted daughters, Haley, 4, and Hope 2.


Jacob Elordi’s parents iunintentionally crash his Today interview
January 11th, 2022 under Jacob Elordi, Kathie Lee and Hoda. [ Comments: 6 ]

Jacob Elordi, like many actors these days, did an interview with Today remotely this morning. Because of that, he did it from his bedroom, and he had some people with him lying on the bed. They thought there were inconspicuous, but Hoda Kotb spotted them in the mirror.

So who are they? They are his parents, John and Melissa, who just flew in from Australia to see their son. And they were so embarrassed when he moved the camera over in their direction.

Then Jenna Bush wanted to know what they think of their son being a Hollywood heartthrob. His mom said, “lovely,” but his dad said, “do better.” So now we know where he gets his sense of humor from.

Although, I wonder how much they laugh when they watch him Euphoria. I really hope they don’t watch him in that, and they continue to only watch him in The Kissing Booth trilogy. No parent wants to see their child like we see him in the HBO series.


Hoda Kotb has a breakthrough case of COVID-19
January 6th, 2022 under Coronavirus, Kathie Lee and Hoda. [ Comments: 1 ]

Hoda Kotb was missing from the Today show this morning, and that is because she is the latest host in NYC to recently test positive for COVID-19. She joins Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin.

Even though Kotb has coronavirus, she wants us to know, “Feeling good.. ❤️ can’t wait to see you all when I am in the clear! Xo” Hopefully, she will be back at work next week.


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