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[ # ] The amazing trick that Dakota Johnson can do with her mouth!
February 1st, 2017 under Fifty Shades

Dakota Johnson has a secret talent she can do with her mouth. Sorry boys, not anything she learned by starring in the Fifty Shades movie, but something she got from one of her parents. The actress has a gap between her two front teeth and she demonstrated for Vanity Fair some of things that she can fit between the space. Things like $1,100 in cash and a credit card. Even though there is a hole between her pearly whites, there is not one between her ears because she was smart enough to pocket all the money they gave her! Hey, why do things for free if you don’t have to, that is a lesson we all learned in the Fifty Shades movies. Or at least I did!
Anyways, back to her talent, the best part of this video is her dad Don Johnson was the watching her do all of this. My dad hates when I tell him the thing I put in my mouth! Let’s just say it s something that the Miami Vice star and my dad have that Dakota and I don’t!



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