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[ # ] Steven Tyler was raised under a piano!
September 7th, 2016 under Aerosmith, Seth Meyers

Steven Tyler’s dad was a music teacher who had a piano in his Riverdale apartment in The Bronx. While the apartments in our hometown are not that small, a piano is a big piece of beautiful furniture to have in it. In order for his family to have the Baby Grand and the baby in the same place, the Aerosmith singer told Seth Meyers on Late Night that he slept under it when it was baby. That shelter lead to him learning his first language which is music. That most likely explains why he is so good at. If the first letters you hear are from someone tickling the ivories, it is definitely going to shape who you become. That is why he became the man that he is today.
And yes, this a gratuitous post because I squealed when I heard Tyler talk about her hometown. I know his first building oh so well, even though we grew up at different ends of the neighborhood.



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