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[ # ] America’s Psychic Challenge premieres tonight on Lifetime at 10p
October 12th, 2007 under Lifetime, Reviews

America’s Psychic Challenge premieres on Lifetime tonight at 10p and it is a reality/game show like we have never seen before!
America’s Psychic Challenge has 16 psychics all competing to win $100,000. The first part of the series has 4 psychics competing head to head and the final 2 with the highest scores of each of the first 4 episodes moves on to the semi-finals. In tonight’s episode the four had to find a living person in one of the rooms of a haunted hospital for the first challenge. The next challenge they had read a celebrity (wait until you see who it is) through a wall and see how much they could identify about the person. The final challenge is help a family find out who murdered their son/brother. It was amazing to watch the different techniques that the psychics used to come to the answer. What is also cool about the show is they give you little challenges to see if you have any psychic ability, I only got one of the three of the answers right. Actually on the second challenge you had to guess where a person was from, I guessed one of the three states they listed on the screen before it appeared but sadly it was not where she was from. I wonder does that still make a little psychic???
So tune into America’s Psychic Challenge tonight at 10p and see if psychics really are psychic and which ones are worth $100,000!!!



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