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[ # ] Is this why Rebecca Romijn married the Fat Kid from Stand By Me?
August 1st, 2016 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Kelly Ripa

Back when John Stamos roasted Bob Saget, everyone wanted to know how Uncle Jesse felt about his ex-wife moving on from him to the Fat Kid from Stand By Me. Turns out, that movie might be why Rebecca Romijn said I do to Jerry O’Connell.
Mr Romijn was co-hosting Live with Kelly and he talked about how he owes so much to that classic coming of age film including the woman he loves. You see, he wrongfully thinks, he married way out of his league. His family and friends also mistakenly believe that, but it was her friends who helped him understand why she said yes. One night, 3 months after they started dating, he got to hang out with some people who knew her before she was a famous Supermodel, actress and host. That night, one of her high school buddies revealed to him, “You know, Stand By Me was her favorite movie growing up.” Mrs O’Connell tried to silence her tattletaler, but it was too late. Her ex-BFF then added, “She had posters of it all over room.”
That means that teenage Romijn was probably dreaming of marrying Vern one day and eventually she did. See dreams do come true!



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