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[ # ] Joey McIntyre has seen better days!
July 26th, 2016 under Better Days, NKOTB

New Kids on the Block has always been very accessible to their fans, but yet somehow Joey McIntyre found himself tied up to chair with duct tape over his mouth. So is one of his fans holding their favorite NKOTB member hostage?
Not a fan of his body, but someone who is a fan of his body of work. As he explained, “I am texting this with my toes- @poptv still won’t let me tell you my big announcement. #Cmon!! They said maybe I can this Weds during #rockthisboat 😃👍”
I am assuming the announcement is when his sitcom where he plays a fictionalized version of himself is going to debut. But you never know, maybe they are giving the Rock This Boat star another show on the network besides the two that he already has on it. We shall see.


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