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[ # ] Ron Funches describes how Justin Timberlake smells!
July 12th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, Ron Funches

Ron Funches is starring with Justin Timberlake in Trolls and yet he didn’t meet the singer until they shot the video for Can’t Stop the Feeling. Bunches of Funches described what that was like, “I got to go to his studio. I got to meet him. He smells so good.” The TBS host wanted to know how good. The Undateable star told him, “Money! Money and confidence.”
I don’t what that smells like, but I would love to get a whiff of it. I wonder if the *NSYNC singer wears his own cologne. If not, then someone needs to bottle up that essence so it can bring sexy back into relationships.
Now when it comes to Funches, his laugh could bring peace to the world. We should have it blasting out of speakers all over the world, so everyone can giggle along with him. Seriously, don’t you smile every time he does his sweet little chuckle? I know I do! It is so addictive.



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