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[ # ] Has the cast of Big Bang Theory learned anything from the show?
May 10th, 2016 under Kaley Cuoco, Stephen Colbert

Kaley Cuoco was on The Late Show and Stephen Colbert wanted to know if she could have a Scientific discussion with someone since she has worked on The Big Bang Theory for 9 years. She told him no, no, no. I am assuming not wanting to be alone about this, she sold out her castmates and said that they couldn’t either. Then she revealed, “It is all BS. We have real people there who have actual real brains who write all of that stuff. And we not so much. We say what is on the page and the best that we can get through.” She is smart enough to realize that her co-stars are not going to like that she revealed that fact. I guess they just play nerds on TV.
If it wasn’t enough that her co-stars are upset with her, she also made a large population hate her too. The former-child star told the CBS host that she doesn’t like working with babies. She is hoping that Penny doesn’t get pregnant because she finds them to be divas who work only a few minutes a day and get to do what they want.



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