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[ # ] Conan goes to the dogs and it’s arfdorable!
February 4th, 2016 under Animals, Conan O'Brien

For the last several years, Conan O’Brien has turned his TBS late night talk show over to the dogs one night a year, and yesterday was that night. First we got to see two White Labs dressed up as the host and his sideckick Andy Richter. They played the part just like their two-legged counterparts and just sat there.
Then it was time to introduce their first guest, a White Schnauzer dressed up as Larry King and he is the most puppylicious thing ever.
When their next guest, a Golden Lab version of Sia came out, the boy dogs do what boy dogs do. Followed her scent where ever she went. Although the boys could care less when a Greyhound looking just like Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina came out. Kind of like almost every other man who walks on two feet. I am referring to Carly not the sweet dog. I am sure most male canines would love to smell her tushie.
The next guest came all the way from Mexico, that’s right it a Chihuahua version El Chapo. He is highlarious!
Finally, it was time for the last guest of the night, and it was a poor innocent Bulldog dressed up as Donald Trump. Thankfully the show came up with a way that the pup would still be able to show his face at the dog park when the show was over. Although, I don’t think anyone will want to smell that a$$ anytime soon. Poor doggy.
I love when shows go to the animals because you never know what is going to happen next, but you know it is going to be arfdorable.



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