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[ # ] Katy Perry spanked by Madonna and she liked it
October 28th, 2015 under Katy Perry, Madonna

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Taylor Swift has her squad that joins her on stage at concerts and Madonna wants you to know she has one too. She introduced one of the members and it is Katy Perry. Even though the California Gurl didn’t want to go on stage, she knew better than to say no to Madonna. Even though she said yes, Madonna still spanked her a$$ and then dry doggy styled her. And it looks like she liked it.
To me this is just a desperate cry for attention on both of their parts. I mean when was the last time we truly focused on them for their music and not the things they did to get press? Probably when they both had their Superbowl performances. Both of which were major let downs.
Time for them to get back to the music because if not people like Taylor Swift and Adele will continue reigning supreme over them while they continue their desperate attempts to keep themselves current.


  • Noah Venkatarangam

    actually Madonna brings a fan up on stage at every show to dance with her – this time it was a famous fan, because why not. theyre friends, its fun. hardly an act of desperation

  • Truth

    The only desperate person here is the person who writes this blog and all gutter celebrity gossip sites. They had their heyday back in 2006 but died out pretty quickly and only survive because of other desperate hacks with no lives. As for Madonna, the woman pretty much tops herself every time she tours for top solo artist of all time, you know concerts where actual people fill seats? Not inflated radio stats or youtube views or irrelevant fake social media followers.

    • palmer eldritch

      Ugh. You’re taking things very seriously.

  • Chris

    It’s because of Madonna that I knew about the existence of this shithole, write a ‘thank u’ note to the Queen of Pop! 😉


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