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[ # ] 2 Broke Girls has a better pact with the devil than Angel From Hell!
October 14th, 2015 under 2 Broke Girls, CBS

CBS announced today that they are holding Angel From Hell until midseason and 2 Broke Girls will be back on November 12th.
No reason was given for the change, but here is my theory. Angel From Hell is painfully awful and with Life in Pieces being a disappointment, they don’t want to have their two new comedies off the air by the new year. Instead, they want to build up their Thursdays, when football season is over, and air 3 shows that have proven to do well for them. The Big Bang Theory will start off the night at 8p, followed by the unfunny Life in Pieces, Mom and 2 Broke Girls. Sadly, Mom and 2 Broke Girls are not a good fit with each other, but hopefully people won’t notice that. That’s because to me, 2 Broke Girls is the only CBS comedy on Thursdays to watch. Sorry, but TBBT has gotten really tired. Too many characters and they lost the feeling they had before they added Bernadette and Amy.
Now, at this point, Angel From Hell is slated to air in February. That makes me think that CBS will order enough episodes of LIP to get them through then. That is unless it completely plummets on Thursdays night.
I don’t know why CBS is trying to save this show because they still have The Odd Couple and Mike & Molly waiting in the wings. Two comedies that are a million times funnier than AFH and LIP combined.
What do I know, I am just a viewer.



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