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[ # ] Jimmy Fallon was actually tough on Donald Trump!
September 12th, 2015 under Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump was on The Tonight Show yesterday and I was expecting Jimmy Fallon to be really easy on him. Turns out he wasn’t. Since the NBC host is the nicest guy on late night television, his jabs aren’t as obvious. So if you watch the mirror interview and the real one with that in mind, you will see he called him out on a few things.
During the mirror segment, he asked him how he was going to make America great again, and Trump didn’t answer. He asked him again and still no answer, which proves he doesn’t know how. Then Fallon asked him about building the wall between Mexico and the US, and Trump let him answer. Jimmy said invite Mexico to a game Jenga and after they set up the wall, say you don’t want to play. As ludicrous as that sounds, it is the same as Trump saying he is going to get Mexico to build the wall. It ain’t going to happen.
When it comes to real interview, Fallon got his jabs in there too. He asked the Republican Presidential candidate a question and Trump’s answer was so all over the place that Jimmy was like I think you answered the question, I don’t know what I asked you any more.
Then at the end, Fallon asked if he has ever apologized. Trump said he only apologizes if he is ever wrong. I don’t know about you, but I think he has been wrong a lot. And the things that he has done that have been wrong started long before he was running for POTUS.
Trump is truly someone who looks at the world through rose colored glasses and I wish he would take them off and see what it really means to be President of the United States. The position is more than an ego trip and he needs to realize that before all of those people get him elected.
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