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[ # ] The N goes to college starting next Friday with The Best Years
June 22nd, 2007 under Degrassi, Nickelodeon

As the audience of The N gets older, The N grows up with them and goes to college with The Best Years. The Best Years premieres next Friday at 8:30p with an hour long epsisode after an all new episode of Degrassi! One of the writers of Degrassi created The N’s newest amazing drama, so you know it is going to be good.
Here is a quick description of the show that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Best Years follows orphaned and full-ride scholar, Samantha Best (Charity Shea, “Alpha Dog”) as she starts her freshman year at the prestigious Charles University in Massachusetts. Samantha has been shuffled through the foster care system her entire life and is finally looking forward to a future of new opportunities and friendships. She’ll have to contend with the ins and outs of college and mingle with a new world of ‘frenemies’ as she struggles to find her own identity. Along the way she will meet new roommate Kathryn Klarner, (Jennifer Miller) a rich socialite from one of the most prominent families in the mid-west, Dawn Vargas (Athena Karkanis) child actor who trades in Hollywood for college, and Devon Sylver, (Brandon Jay McLaren “She’s The Man”) a fellow scholarship recipient and star basketball player who has caught her eye. With her new dysfunctional family and a part-time job at Boston’s hot spot Colony, Samantha will find herself juggling a lot more than just academics.

If you are like me and can’t wait until June 29th to see The N’s latest hit then you can watch the first episode over at The N!
On another note Degrassi: The Next Generation will be back this fall with 24 episodes for it’s lucky seventh year!!!



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