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[ # ] Sting is a d!ck to James Corden with every breath he takes
May 21st, 2015 under James Corden, The Police

James Corden flew to NYC to pay tribute to David Letterman and he asked Sting to serenade the now retired talk show host with him. The two of them sat outside The Ed Sullivan Theater while Sting sang The Police’s biggest (and worst hit) Every Breath You Take. As soon as the CBS Late Late Show host started to rap, the singer shut him down. Then when JC started to actually sing the ballad, Sting told him, “It’s not working. It’s too loud. I’m singing the song and you’re doing this dumb thing…Do something but make sure no one hears it. Particularly me.” Finally, the two of them harmonized the chorus together. Then it was time for the Corden to go and he left Sting a tip. A whole $1. So now we know what the C stands for in CBS, Cheap! The BS, we already knew…
I don’t know what I appreciated most about this video, (what I am presuming to be) Stings true colors showing through or the fact that someone put Corden in his place and let him know the bits are not only about him. Hmmmm!
Even though Sting was a d!ck to him, Justin Bieber was much nicer to him when they did Carpool Karaoke. Even though this bit went on 5 minutes too long, it was his best one of the series.



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