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[ # ] Katy Perry the Phantom of Taco Bell?
April 28th, 2015 under Fast Food, Katy Perry

Katy Perry is in Tokyo and she posted a photo of herself on line at Taco Bell. It’s not where’s she at why I am posting this, but it’s what she’s wearing. What’s up with the black cape and matching surgical mask. She looks like the female version of the Phantom of the Opera or an evil villain. What do you think she looks like?


  • Adía

    Probably just wearing a mask because the air is bad. I hope it’s not because she’s hiding

  • je_suis_roxanneq

    an idiot?

  • Tasos826

    She looks like an American idiot, who is trying like hell to draw attention to herself and/with her lighter eye color.

  • AnnieOnyMouse

    Masks in Japan are typically worn because the wearer has a cold or some other airborne ailment (think: sniffling and sneezing). When you have really crowded transit, the last thing you need in a human sardine tin of a train is to have some guy sneezing on you and sharing his cold. In this case, however, the purpose is up for anyone’s guess.


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