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[ # ] Ariana Grande goes Bang Bang on the stage!
March 9th, 2015 under Ariana Grande, Disney Kids

Ariana Grande was performing in Toronto yesterday when she slipped and fell while singing her huge hit Bang Bang. Instead of stopping the show, she kept on going as though nothing happened.
You know what really impressed me about the singer in this video? I think she sounds better live than on the track, and she sounds pretty great on it. I think she is the next Christina Aguilera when it comes to powerhouse singers that can blow your away with their voice and the control they have over it.


  • mahnimahnimahni

    There are soooo many things to insult Christina Aguilera with but comparing Ariana Grande to her his way too harsh.

  • Meggiejean13

    Do you have ears? That work?! Grande Latte’s voice should be used to torture prisoners.

  • RubSomeDirtOnIt

    …sounds better live?…there is no way she is singing live here


    Hmmm…If she can’t sing & sucks so bad why is her name in ur snouts? Ohhhh wait I know because she’s famous & sells millions of tickets & music all over the world & is young, beautiful, not to mention the body. Just a bunch of bored jealous fatties crying bcuz they have failed so miserably in their own pitiful existence. Why don’t u concentrate on u, I bet if she was so fat she cried crisco she would hit the gym, something shut.

    • crazyassmom

      Frankie? Is that you girl??!!!

  • crazyassmom

    She’ll be gone in a couple of years. You’ll see her on tv in ten years on some ” Where Are They Now show. She’ll be fine money wise between what she’s made and Mommy & Daddys money. She will be fine.


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