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[ # ] Dance Moms’ Nia disses Abby Lee Miller!
February 11th, 2015 under Dance Moms, Lifetime

Ever since Dance Moms has started, it seems like Abby Lee Miller has never really been supportive of her student Nia. Now, that Chloe, Paige and Brooke left the show, it appears that Nia has been the primary target of the dance teacher’s. Her mom, Holly, has remained quiet for most of the show’s run; but since the new season started, she found her voice. Several times Holly has confronted Miller and the dance teacher has in turn taken it out on Nia.
Recently, the show relocated from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, so that the girls could have more opportunities. Miller hasn’t done anything for Nia, so Holly took things into her own hands. She made some calls and got Nia into a recording studio with Aubrey O’Day. Abby tried to sabotage the meeting with a phone call to O’Day that was seen on the episode, but it didn’t work.
When Nia returned to dance studio, Abby said she would not be dancing in the group number. Basically, she punished the preteen for going behind her back to do something she wasn’t helping her do. How can Nia not be mad at the woman who is supposed to be her teacher, but doesn’t do anything but her put her down time and time again.
Well, Lifetime released a deleted scene from yesterday’s episode and we finally hear from Nia. While she was playing a clip of her song for the girls and the other dance moms, she voiced her opinion about the woman who is supposed to be her manager and help her. She said, “I did that without Abby too. You don’t need Abby to do everything. You can do stuff by yourself. You can do just fine.” You tell them girl because yes, you can and you totally did.
Now, I have to wonder why didn’t Lifetime air this scene? Is it because they don’t want to show that some of the girls are sick of, what I perceive as, being bullied by Abby Lee Miller? You never hear them talk bad about her, but here is the proof that at least one of them has on one occasion. I wonder if some of the other girls feel the same way. I am sure they do. I know I want to see more clips like this on the show. This season has gotten very hard for me to watch. The amount yelling, name-calling and puts downs, I see come from Abby are sickening. It used to be an even mix of that and the dancing, but now I feel it is all about Abby losing her temper. I think if things don’t change soon in the editing of the show, more people like me will stop watching. If we stop watching, then the show gets cancelled. If the show gets cancelled, then how will artists like Sia find the subjects for their music videos? That’s right, I read somewhere that Sia Tweeted Maddie that she wanted her in the music video, and she didn’t go through Abby to do it initially. Just saying.
Are you feeling the same way I am about the turn Dance Moms has taken this season?



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