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[ # ] Mark Wahlberg still has his Boogie Nights’ pen!s
December 12th, 2014 under Marky Mark, Seth Meyers

Mark Wahlberg was on Late Night yesterday and Seth Meyers asked him about the prosthetic pen!s he wore in the movie Boogie Nights. Marky Mark then went into detail what it was like to make the third leg. Basically, he went to a place in the Valley (of course since it’s the p0rn capitol of the world), strip down while they built the thing around him. When it was done, he had to model it around the set and wear it for a full day. The first one they made, didn’t work out. So they made another one and that guy was used in the movie.
What happened to the fake pen!s? Wahlberg told him, out of all the props from all of his movies, that is the only one he still has.
Maybe one day, when he thinks it is worth something, he will auction off the John Holmes for charity. I bet it would go for gigantic (no pun intended) amounts of money!



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