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September 7th, 2014 under Miley Cyrus

Just when you think that Miley Cyrus can no longer do anything to surprise us, she does. The singer went out in public wearing just that. That’s right, she actually went out with no shirt and a pair of pasties on her nipples. She might be a woman, but man she has a pair of balls on her because I can’t think of any nonp0rn star who has worn that little to go out partying in public.
Although before I moved to LA, I was walking on Sunset Blvd and I saw a woman wearing something like that. She was only wearing a pair of black pasties on her nipples with matching black leather pants, and she was strutting her stuff like she was fully dressed. Meanwhile, everyone was looking at her like put on some clothes. I am sure that is what people were thinking when they saw Miley looking like that. Oh, Miley.



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