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[ # ] Seth Meyers gave an Emmy worthy monologue at the Emmys!
August 26th, 2014 under Emmys, Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers opened the Emmy telecast with the best monologue I’ve seen in ages for the Awards show. I found it so weird that he seemed more comfortable on the huge stage performing in front of hundreds of people, then he does on his late night show. If he did that type of monologue on Late Night, I think I might check it out more often. Wouldn’t you?
When it comes to the rest of his hosting, there was some hits and misses. The audience interaction with Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy didn’t work and the Bill Eichner bit was funny but not needed. I liked the Weird Al Yankovic surprise, but it needed to be tightened up and include a few more shows.
Now when it comes to the winners, do the Emmy voters even watch the nominees especially the comedies. I don’t feel that Allison Janney and Julia Louis Dreyfus won for their current work, I think they won for their work from the ‘90s. I’m not saying they are bad actress, just saying the current roles are Emmy worthy. Plus, did Jim Parsons and Modern Family really deserve their wins after subpar seasons? We need to come up with a new way for the voters to vote and there needs to be limit on how many wins someone can have in one category for one show. Let somebody else bring home the Emmy. Am I right?
Another thing NATAS shouldn’t do again is have the Emmys so early. It hurt promoting the new shows. Except for Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Emmy winner Katherine Heigl, none of the new shows were represented. In fact, I don’t remember any commercials for any of NBC’s new shows like A to Z, Constantine and State of Affairs. I thought that was the big part of the Emmys to promote the new season as we close out the old one.
When it comes to the presenters, why weren’t there any representatives from The CW and USA? Matt Bomer doesn’t count because he was there for HBO. I would like to have seen this season’s break out stars Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez, Scorpion’s Elyse Gabel, Constantine’s Matt Ryan, Manhattan Love Story’s Analeigh Tipton and/or Gotham’s Oswald Cobblepot up there along with Oscar winners Julia Roberts, who made it about herself, and Halle Berry.
And this goes for all awards shows, stop cutting off the winners when you have presenters like Jimmy Kimmel (who was funny) and Julia Roberts go long. Longer than that kiss that Bryan Cranston gave Julia Louis-Dreyfus. That was a nice moment.
Just wish there were more like them. What did you think of yesterday’s Emmys?



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