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[ # ] The sexy way Rob Schneider got the Hot in Cleveland girls not to mess up!
July 2nd, 2014 under TV Land

If you have been to a taping of Hot In Cleveland, then you know the best part of it is when the actresses flub their lines. Well, everyone but Betty White, because she is so perfect she never messed up any of her lines at any of the tapings I attended.
Anyways, Rob Schneider is guest on the TV Land sitcom tonight at 10p, and he came up with a way to get the cast to get their lines right. He told them, “I will make love to the next person who makes a mistake.” Then Valerie Bertinelli made a mistake; and even though she pleaded that she didn’t, he still gave her a lap dance. Then it was Wendie Malick turn’s and finally Jane Leeves got a chance to experience his sexy moves. Once again, Betty White remained perfect, and she missed out on the chance of having Schneider show her all the things he learned from making those Deuce Bigalow movies. Although in a way, she was the luckiest women in the room for not getting that opportunity!
I love that TV Land shares the bloopers from this show because it shows that they have as much fun making it as we do watching it. Seriously, doesn’t their set look like a real hoot to work on?



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