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[ # ] Charlene Tilton & Mayim Bialik are Totally Tracked Down, Little Women LA gets a big start!
May 27th, 2014 under Lifetime, Mayim Bialik, Reelz

Tonight at 12:30a on Reelz! Charlene Tilton & Mayim Bialik are Totally Tracked Down by Marshall Jay Kaplan.
At 12:30a Kaplan flies to LA to find Blossom and he talks to Don Reo, the creator of the show. When he can’t help him, he goes to UCLA where she studied and talks to a teacher and the Rabbi at Hillel. The Rabbi sends him to her parents and when he talks to them, a surprise guest shows up. He finally meets Mayim but she only has a few seconds to talk to him. So they make a date and back in 2010, he finds out that she wants to get back into acting. So he researches to see if it is a possibility and he finds out that it will be hard for a former-child star. As we know, it was not for her. So tune in to see what that agent says and what all the other people had to say about Mayim Bialik!
Then at 1a, it is time for Kaplan to try to find Charlene Tilton from Dallas. First he talks to Dallas producer and writer, David Jacobs. When he can’t help him, he goes to her TV husband, Leigh McCloskey, but he too cannot help him, so he refers him to Charlene’s real daughter. Cherish Lee, reveals some things about her mother that happened after the show ended and you don’t want to miss that. Eventually he meets up with Tilton at an Oscar party and meets one of her Dallas co-stars. Can you guess who? Since their time is short there, Tilton agrees to meet at a later date and he has an instant connection with his childhood crush. How instant, you just have to tune in.

Then at 9p over at Lifetime, Little Women LA, makes its big debut. The reality show follows 6 female friends who are under 5′. These little women are just like us. When they get together they have fun and they also fight.
Briana is recently divorced and she is ready to date again. And what better second date can a girl have but at her divorce party. Christy on the other hand is in a serious relationship, and she is ready to get engaged but he is not. Her boyfriend, Todd, also dated Briana, and that will lead to some conflict between the two ladies, Christy, also has problems with the very religious Traci. Traci is recently engaged, but has yet to set a date. She can’t stand Christy’s wilder ways. Terra is the peacemaker in the group. Well with everyone except Elena, who is the youngest and tallest one in the group. Her problem with Terra is she let’s herself be described as the M word, and that is a bad word to the ladies. Finally there is Tonya, and she has a normal sized older daughter who is her best friend. Well besides the five other ladies.
What these 6 women are missing in inches, they make up with big personalities. So tune in for a show that people of all sizes can enjoy.



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