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[ # ] Courteney Cox explains why their won’t be a Friends reunion
April 21st, 2014 under Friends (cast)

Courteney Cox is on The Late Show tonight on CBS at 11:35p and David Letterman asked him if there is going to be a Friends reunion? Then Monica told him for the last 10 years she has been trying to have a cast dinner, and that has yet to happen. So if they can’t even get their schedules together enough to spend just a few hours together, then how are the 6 of them going to work it out so they have enough time to do a reunion show?
So then the retiring host asked her if they are going to do a movie based on the show? The she explained that they filmed the show on a sound stage and they spent most of their time in her apartment, so that would be a boring movie.
So next time you ask if their will be a Friends a reunion or movie, remember these answers that Courteney Cox gave because they are best explanation why it ain’t going to be happening any time soon or basically ever.



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