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[ # ] Halloween comes early with a huge treat from The Simpsons!
October 6th, 2013 under Halloween, The Simpsons

Tonight at 8p The Simpsons celebrates its 24th Treehouse of Horrors on Fox and they are doing something they have never done before. After nearly 25 years of keeping the couch gag in-house, tonight they farming out to someone you might have heard of, his name is Guillermo del Toro. Recently I was on a conference call with shows runner Al Jean and he explained why they went with this horror legend. He said, “Guillermo del Toro, who is, I would say – and I’ve met some people who like scary things – he is the greatest expert on horror movies, etc., that I have ever encountered. There are so many references in that opening that he put in. It’s really brilliant.” Even though you can watch the brilliant opening above, it is so much better to watch on your big screen HD television.
Now the opening is only 3 minutes of tonight’s episode, so that means there is so much more. They do their own version of a Doctor Seuss tale that will have you laughing at the little digs within the story. Then Bart and Lisa are the closest they have ever been, but how long will that last? Finally we know it is a freak that the animated show is turning a quarter of a century old this year, so it makes sense that the last horror story involves The Simpsons being part of a freak show.
Every year The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror is my favorite episode of the season and tonight’s might be one of my all-time favorites of the show’s very very very long run.



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