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[ # ] Jerry O’Connell makes his dogs clean up his, you know, mess!
September 30th, 2013 under Howard Stern, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn

Jerry O’Connell was on The Howard Stern Show today to promote his very funny show We Are Men that debuts on CBS tonight at 8:30p and he talked about something he does like a single man even though he is a married one. O’Connell has two awwwdorable 5 year old girls and they cut into his sex like with Rebecca Romijn Stamos. So he has to find other ways to satisfy himself because you can’t do that with the twins in the bed with you.
So when he gets home and they are all out. He sends his dogs outside to stand guard as he uses the internet for its true purpose. Then when he is done in the time that you can say “We Are Men airs Mondays at 8:30p on CBS”, he makes the pups cum in to clean up his leftovers. Dear PETA, He is joking, so don’t go after him.
Now when it comes to him doing that same thing at work. To be honest, it is really easy for him because most of his time on the show is spent in just a Speedo. So all he has to do is remove it, do his business and put it back on. Instead of dogs, he has an assistant to do the job that his best friends do.
And since the show is called We Are Me, he is just playing the part. Ba dum tish!
While my joke was beyond bad, We Are Men is anything but!



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