Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Rod Stewart described his safari with Elton John as ‘so gay!’
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[ # ] Rod Stewart described his safari with Elton John as ‘so gay!’
May 7th, 2013 under Jimmy Kimmel, Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart and Elton John have been mates for around 40 years and when they were younger they went on a safari together. Well Jimmy Kimmel had heard about their trip, so he asked the sexy singer about it. Rod said, “It was really gay….So gay!” Of course Jimmy had to know what that meant, for obvious reasons. Stewart then told the audience, “Wait for it…” Then he said “We were in Kenya and we used to dress up and eat outdoors. But what we did is we dressed up in bow ties and jewelry every night for dinner every night.” Not the answer we were hoping for, but still a fun image for the two back in the day when they were young and not forever young.
Then Stewart elaborated, “We’d go around, study droppings. We were calling each other poopologists because we knew all the poo, whether it was a giraffe, an elephant. It was fun!” Sounds like there trip was anything but, what they were studying.
Did you know that the two of them have nicknames for each other? Rod is Phylis and Elton is Sharon. He did not explain how they got the nicknames, which is a bummer because I am sure it is a good story!
I guess this is the stuff the two of them write songs about and we pay to see them sing them live!



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