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April 3rd, 2013 under TV Land

Tonight at 10p TV Land is debuting their reality series Forever Young and everyone can learn a real lesson from this show.
Forver Young is an experiment where five people over 70 live with five people under 30 to see how the two generations get along. When the 10 people first enter the house they don’t see eye-to-eye, but as time goes on they each learn from the other age group. We all get to see that you can teach old dogs new tricks and the older generation does have something to say to the younger one.
In each of the 6 episodes we will learn some interesting things like World War II came before the Civil War, an 83 year old woman can work a pole better than most strippers, you’re never too old to start dating again and every generation can teach the other one something new.
There are many heartfelt moments in this series as the two generations get together to talk and bond over their lives. In fact it’s the rare reality show where you actually feel good about people after you watch it.
That’s because you get a perspective that you’ve never seen before on television. When I sat there and watched it, I learned a lot about the older generation through their eyes. So much so that it will really make you look at them differently and listen to what they have to say. But then I look at people that are my age and I see they have something to say too.
This show makes you realize that you shouldn’t always make assumptions about the other generations. You might think that that one age group thinks a certain way, but you will be surprised to find they are more accepting than you first thought. Wisdom comes with age, but it is also innate in all of us even at a young age. We also all go through hardships and just can’t assume because you are older that you are the only ones who have gone through it. There is one challenge that gives a really interesting perspective on money. Something I never realized before and something I will always take to heart and reconsider for the long run of my life.
There is so much segregation in our world that we forget one of the biggest forms of it is ageism. Forever Young makes us reevaluate that and everyone who watches it will come out of it for the better. What other reality show can you say that about?
I never felt so good watching a reality show as I did this one. Because it really made me look at my elders differently as in for the better and I hope the elders do the same when they watch this show. But then again I can’t see why they wouldn’t
Once again Ashton Kutcher breaks down barriers via his television shows, first with Beauty and the Geek and now with Forever Young. Who knew there was a social genius behind the man who starred in Dude, Where’s My Car?
I cannot say it enough Forever Young is a social experiment that everyone can learn from and more importantly enjoy watching whether they are under 30, over 70 or in the middle.



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