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[ # ] Craig Ferguson caused the lights to go out during the Super Bowl
February 4th, 2013 under Craig Ferguson

Yesterday the lights went out in New Orleans during the 2nd half off the Super Bowl and everyone had their theories about what caused the outage. I thought it was the guys in Silicon Valley hacking into the system to give their team more time to figure out how to come from behind and win the game. Some other people thought that since Beyonce was done performing the game was over too. Others thought they forgot to pay their power bill. And then again maybe NBC came up with a great way to promote Revolution during the big event on CBS.
Well all of the idea were wrong because turns out it was Craig Ferguson’s fault. Turns out that the, soon-to-be-former after that boo boo, Late Late Show host charged Lucy Liu’s phone in an outlet he wasn’t supposed to do it in. Guess CBS is kind of regretting their decision to send him to the big game now. Although maybe they made the right choice because people were tuning in to see when the power would go back on and when the game would begin again thus making it the most watched Super Bowl in metered markets to date!
Or as Baltimore Ravens and Super Bowl MVP would put it, it was “f*cking awesome!” To the PTC who is upset because he dropped the F-bomb, what would you say if you won such a close Super Bowl like the Ravens did? You would say the exact same thing as he did! I have used that exact same phrasing for events that were much less f*cking awesome that yesterday’s nail biting game!
But back to Ferguson tune into to LLS tonight at 12:37a to see what other power outages he has caused since yesterday. You know his show has been done in forced darkness more than any other late night show, maybe it something about him???

(starts at 1:08 in)



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