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[ # ] You won’t be able to stop looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs!
February 1st, 2013 under Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Lawrence was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday and she admitted that she might’ve had a little too much to drink before she came out. A producer on the show made her down two shots of Tequila in the green room and she washed them down with a beer because she was nervous about being on the show.
Now when you had a little too much to drink, you have the tendency to be a little more honest than you normally would be. So when the ABC host asked her how she was doing with her walking pneumonia, she told him that she had a chest X-ray earlier in the day. It was then that the Oscar nominated actress made a revelation about her body. She said, “I discovered my breasts are uneven. That was all I saw.” She then added that while the doctors were fixated on her lungs, she asked them for their professional opinion about her positioning of her boobs. They never told her if that was the case, and now that you know that they are I bet you will put on your stethoscope and see if you can answer that question for her.
So look at her as she talks to Kimmel, and tell me do you think her breasts look uneven or are they even with one another?



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