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[ # ] Why the Kimye baby wants to be born to Kim Kardashian?
January 31st, 2013 under Conan O'Brien, The Kardashians

Almost 2 week ago on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show he did a segment where Kim Kardashian’s future baby found out who their parents are going to be. Just as you would expect when they realized the awful truth that Kanye West is their dad and Kim is their mom, they made a epic run for it. For the last 13 days the fetus has been no where to be found. That was until yesterday when they were spotted by some cops. After making an escape from them on a dog and then a skateboard, they found a blimp and took the skies. Eventually they were spotted in Conan’s studios, but got away before anyone could catch them. Then the host said, “Sure, he might not have loved being Kim and Kanye’s baby. But that is incredible, he is willing to give up hundreds of millions of dollars and a life of absolute luxury.” Since the fetus was in earshot, when they heard what Conan said they made a mad dash back into their mother’s womb. Can anyone say they blame the baby? If Macaulay Culkin can get emancipation from his parents when he was still a minor, then maybe Kimye’s baby can get it too when they are born in July. By then they will already be worth more than you and can make a good living on their own!
BTW I kept the sex of the baby gender neutral because I think she looks like she is carrying a girl. She seems to be filling out all over and not just in her belly. But then again that is an old wives tale.
BTW tune into Conan tonight on TBS at 11p for a very special episode. The late night show has been taken over by fan made videos based on how they see it. Should be a lot of fun and different than anything else we have ever seen.



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