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[ # ] Jason Bateman lost his virginity at 15!
January 30th, 2013 under Howard Stern, Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman was on Howard Stern’s radio show and he talked about his wild days. Yes the Arrested Development star actually was a Hollywood bad boy for a while, but not wild enough to ever get arrested.
Since it is Howard Stern’s show, ofcourse the shock jock asked him about his sex life from back in the day. It was then that he admitted he earned a silver spoon when he was 15 because that was the age when he lost his virginity. Then later on in the chat, Bateman admitted that he never had sex with more than one woman in a night but that doesn’t mean that there was only one woman in bed with him. Who would’ve thought?
The actor also talked about a lot of stuff like his career, how he is responsible for casting his good friend Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief, why he did Teen Wolf 2, his sister, his good friends Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds, and so much more. But one story I love is when he talked about why he did Juno. He said at first he turned it down, but then when the actor who was casted quit the part he reconsidered it. He opted to do it to get away from his colicky daughter. His wife will probably not be happy when she hears that.
After sitting through his one hour interview, I have to say I love him even more. What a great cool guy!



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