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[ # ] Old Navy gets Rusty!
December 10th, 2012 under Ads

A few weeks ago Old Navy released a Christmas commercial with three of the Griswolds and everyone wondered where Rusty was. Well he was just waiting for the next group of commercials to come out. That’s because Anthony Michael Hall who played him National Lampoon’s Vacation and Jason Lively who played him European Vacation joined their movie parents, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, while Johnny Galecki was no where to be found. And in the new ad Juliette Lewis also saw her former Audrey self because Dana Barron who originated the role can be seen by the Christmas tree.
Too bad that Galecki opted not to be in the ad because if he did it would’ve made it perfect.
BTW here is another Griswold Old Navy ad without all of the kids and that makes me go Chevy Chase left Community for this…



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