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November 25th, 2012 under Hallmark, Joey Lawrence

Hitched for the Holidays debuts on the Hallmark Channel tonight at 8p and you want to watch this sweet movie about finding love in the strangest of circumstances.
Rob Marino (Joey Lawrence) is the eternal bachelor who has no plans of settling down. That is until his dying grandmother’s deathbed wish is that he finds his soul mate. So he lies and tells her he is in love, only problem is that he single with no prospects. What will he do?
Julie’s (Emily Hampshire) mother (MariLu Henner) wants her daughter to get married so badly that she will fix her up with any guy she can. Julie can’t stand the latest guy and feels the only way to get her mom off her back is to get a boyfriend. But we all know that is not easy, so her friend tells her to create an online ad to look for a fake boyfriend.
Julie finds Rob, who is also looking for someone just for the holidays, so she contacts him. The two meet up and have a connection, but that is not what their relationship is all about. Now they are convincing everyone that they are for real, but they are the only ones who know that they aren’t. Or are they? You have to tune into this lovely movie to find out.



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