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[ # ] Kathie Lee and Hoda fill Anderson Cooper’s huge crack!
November 20th, 2012 under Anderson Cooper, Kathie Lee and Hoda

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were guests on Anderson Live and they had their fill of double entendres on the show today. First the two ladies got him drunk and then he read from Fifty Shades of Chicken. Anderson Cooper’s reading of the cookbook was so serious that there was nothing sizzling about it. He couldn’t cook a chicken with that storytelling even it is was already done. What made that part of their conversation so funny were Kathie Lee and Hoda’s expressions as he taught them how to make cooking a chicken steamy.
Now you would think it would stop there, and you would be wrong. The Today show hosts decided to fill the crack in the middle of his forehead aka eye cleavage with Dermaflage and it was too hot for daytime TV. As they were preparing to put the filler where it need to go, Hoda said “This is the filler…Put it in the crack.” To which Anderson responded with, “A phrase I’ve never used.” Then when they were almost done and going to commercial break, Kathie Lee didn’t want to be left out so she said “When we come back we will see if it filled your crack.” Sadly that video was not included, but do you really care because that is not the crack you want to see if they filled.
It is moments like this one that make me sad that his show won’t be back for a third season.



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