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[ # ] Kid Rock wants to punch Simon Cowell
November 15th, 2012 under American Idol 9+, Simon Cowell

Kid Rock was on Howard Stern‘s radio show yesterday and he said he wants to punch Simon Cowell in the face. Pamela Anderson’s ex said he is sick of The X Factor judge acting like he is the best A&R guy in the world, so he wants to physically show him he feels about it. So far the two have never met, and I kind of hope they do soon. Is it wrong I want to see if Rock will actually make his words a reality? I doubt he would, but you never know. So Simon let’s find out if he is serious and have him on your Fox singing competition before the season ends. It would greatly improve the ratings because people would tune in to see what/if anything he would do to you when he meets you in person. My gut says he will like you so much that you will go out for a drink afterwards and become fast friends, but then again I could be wrong.



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