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[ # ] Michael Strahan is just a big scaredy cat!
November 14th, 2012 under Kelly Ripa

Hayden Panittiere was a guest on Live with Kelly and Michael and she told the two hosts that she just adopted two baby corn snakes. Then she reached into a basket, pulled out two snakes and threw them at Michael Strahan. The Defensive Lineman got so scared, that he jumped out of his seat and ran around the stage like a woman being chased by an itsy bitsy mouse. The 6’5″ man might not be a afraid of a 400 pound running at him, but throw two little rubber snakes at him and he is running like he is being chased by Freddie Krueger.
For you naysayers I think this video proves that Strahan was the right choice to replace Regis Philbin. In fact it almost made me like Hayden because she pulled it off so well, almost but not really.



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