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[ # ] Tom Arnold explains how and why he roasted Roseanne!!!
August 21st, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel, Roseanne

The big news to come out of the Comedy Central Roast for Roseanne was that her ex-husband, who she hadn’t seen in person for 18 years, came out to honor her in a way that you can only do so at a roast. But it was not an easy task to make happen, and yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live he explained how the exes made it work. Even though his people said no to the offer at first, the producers of the Roast called him days before it to have him be part of the show. They had different ways they were going to incorporate him into it and it wasn’t until the third try and call from Roseanne on a Friday night that his wife, his publicist and him agreed to do it. Once they both said yes, he then had to call his lawyers to see if he could legally be within 50 feet of her.
Now that he has been legally cleared to do the show, he had a condition for Roseanne per his publicist. She at first balks at the idea, but then she comes to agreement that his publicist is OK with and it is a done deal.
Now it showtime and he tells how he was able to keep appearance a secret from everyone including a lot of the people who work for Comedy Central that were there. He goes up and does his schtick and as soon as it was done he ran off the stage. Roseanne followed him during the commercial break and said some nice things to him. So Kimmel asked him if they made love and he says no. Am I the only hoping that the two of them reconcile because they were so good together in a bad way?
BTW I just loved his tale on how it all went down that I had to share it with you. Well that and he completely won over for being such a gentleman at the Roast!



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