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[ # ] Jennifer Lopez is quitting American Idol
July 13th, 2012 under American Idol 9+, J-Lo

A day after Jennifer Lopez said she hadn’t made a decision whether or not she would stay on American Idol and Steven Tyler announced he was leaving the Fox show, J-Lo confirmed to Ryan Seacrest she she is quitting the singing the competition. She said it was not an easy choice but she has too much on plate and just can’t give the show the commitment it needs.
I say good riddance because I have never liked her and she added nothing to the show. She was too nice and boring.
So now Randy Jackson is once again the lone judge and I think it is time for him to go. Actually I think it was time for him to go a long long long time ago. If the rumors are true that he is a package deal with Mariah Carey then I think she needs a new manager. Carey would be great because unlike J-Lo she can sing. Plus she was married to one of the biggest record producers in history. She knows what it takes to creaye a music star unlike the other judges.



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