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[ # ] What was up with Diane Keaton on The Colbert Report?
May 1st, 2012 under Diane Keaton, Stephen Colbert

Remember that interview where David Letterman interviewed Joaquin Phoenix? You know the one that was all kinds of strange and you thought no one would ever come close to the weirdness of it? Well yesterday Diane Keaton came pretty close when Stephen Colbert talked to her about book on The Colbert Report. She started off the interview by asking him he was still running for President, then she accused him of hugging her inappropriately before calling him a sexual pervert and throughout it all she didn’t answer his questions.
Normally the Oscar winner comes off so likeable in interviews, that I don’t know what was happening here. Seriously what was up with that whole chat? When it comes to Colbert, he handled it like a champ. Much better than most would, but then again what can you do in that situation. I think he handled it much better than Letterman did because he didn’t make fun of her to her face and played along as best as he could.



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