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April 27th, 2012 under Hazy Mills

Last week I attended the NBCUniversal Summer Press Day and Sean Hayes was there to talk about Grimm, one of the shows he is producing. I think that the NBC show that airs Fridays at 9p is so different than anything that he has done in the past, that I was curious if he is more like Hot in Cleveland (the show he also produces on TV Land) or if he is like Grimm. He said to me, “Of course I come from sitcom world. I always say ‘even if I had nothing to do with Grimm, this would be my favorite show on network television, my favorite drama on television. I just love everything about it.” The Will & Grace scene stealer added, “I grew up on Dr Who, Star Wars and I am a big Sci-Fi geek genre nerd. So a lot of people probably wouldn’t guess that about me, but I live for it. I absolutely live for it.” So does that mean that there are more Sci-Fi shows coming from Hazy Mills Productions? He told that they are a few shows in development, so we will have to wait and see.
Now many of us know Sean Hayes more from his acting career, so I wondered if since he has played two comedy legends if there is anyone else he would be interested in playing. You might remember that in 2002 he played Jerry Lewis in Martin and Lewis and currently you can see him as Larry Fine in The Three Stooges, so who else is there for him to recreate? He responded with, “You know anybody that challenges me. There are so many people I would want to play, so many roles.” He then shared something I didn’t see until he told me, “I’ve always been told, I look like the young version of a Frank Sinatra in a certain way. You know that famous mugshot he has. A writer friend of mine said they were walking down a street, saw it and said OMG they thought it was me. So it would be fun to play Frank Sinatra. It would be fun to play anybody, anybody that is unexpected.” So take a look at the picture below and see if you see the resemblance? I think it is uncanny how much he looks like him. So when they make another movie about Old Blue Eyes, I think we need to petition that Young Blue Eyes gets it. Sean Hayes for Frank Sinatra.



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