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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel Live committs the worst blind faux pas since Ryan Seacrest
March 20th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest

Remember a few years ago when Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a visually impaired Scott Macintyre and you thought who would ever top that idiot move on TV? Well last night Jimmy Kimmel Live came close if not beating Seacrest out for the title.
They had a very funny man on the street where they asked people if they watch porn and we have to guess if they do? There were several shocking discoveries from the people they asked by who watches and who doesn’t, but the last one was the biggest shock of them all. They asked 22 year old Alex from Minnesota the question and the audience and I both thought he did. When the video started rolling again he responded with, “Yeah, I have but not since I went blind.” And then the camera pans down to show he has a walking stick. As they did that you hear the nervously laugh and/or give a sympathetic ahh. At this point we don’t know whether to laugh or be like that is so wrong man, and then our minds are made up when Kimmel says “Well it’s a good lesson for all of us. I think. I guess what your mother said is true.”
As wrong as I thought everything was after Alex came on, I sadly have to admit that I am guilty of laughing.
Now when it comes to the faux pas, the producer should’ve realized that he was carrying a walking stick for the blind and not have asked him the question. Don’t you agree? If I were Alex, I wouldn’t watch JKL again. Too soon?



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