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[ # ] Keanu Reeves the Gentleman proves chivalry is not dead!!!
December 12th, 2011 under Admirable People, Keanu Reeves

via INF Daily
Keanu Reeves was sitting on a NYC subway when passengers boarded at a stop. At first he moved over to the railing, so that another guy could sit. Then when he looked over to his right and saw a woman was standing because there were no more seats left, he offered her his and she graciously took it.
I never thought I could love more than I have since Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but after seeing what a gentleman he is I love him ever more. Seriously you have to respect any man that proves chivalry is not dead, and one even more when he is a celebrity because so many of them think they are entitled to sit on their a$$es while the lay people stand.
Plus he is braver than me because he takes the NYC subway, I still get creeped out taking it since I saw a guy masturbating as he looked at my friends and me when we were barely teens. Yes those horror stories are true, but I hear not as much as many more. Crap next time I am in NY, I might take the subway just on the off chance that Keanu is on it and would let me on his seat…if you know what I mean!!!



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