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[ # ] Hercules Hercules! Eddie Murphy is going to host the Oscars!
September 6th, 2011 under Eddie Murphy, Oscars

OMG! Eddie Murphy is going to host the Oscars this year and I am so excited. Oh wait, it’s 2011 and not 1991 scratch that.
Hopefully he will do a better job than he did with Vampire in Brooklyn, Holy Man, Bowfinger, Showtime, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, I Spy, Daddy Day Care, The Haunted Mansion, Norbit, Meet Dave, Imagine That and Tower Heist. Oh wait, we haven’t seen the last one just yet, but that is how he got the job. Brett Ratner who directed the movie is producing this year’s Academy Awards. I wonder if they will regret their decision after Tower Heist bombs at the box office. Kind of like that year when they got Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to host the show together after they were in that film, you know the name of it. It was a huge hit, the big movie of the holiday season. C’mon…
It is too late to get James Franco back? I kid, Eddie Murphy should do better than him. That is if he remembers how funny he was when he first started out in the business and was a 19 year old kid on Saturday Night Live. I miss the Raw Eddie Murphy, maybe he bring back Buckwheat on February 26th because I don’t believe he is dead. Heck maybe he can even bring back his Marvelous SNL co-star Billy Crystal to help him out on the big night!!!
BTW can I do one of those annoying toldjas because the day after Brett Ratner got the job I predicted that he would get the stars of his upcoming dud Tower Heist, Eddie Murphy and/or Ben Stiller to host the show. Actually it wasn’t as much of a prediction as plea for it not to happen. I guess considering how it turned out, I would so rather have Eddie Murphy do it than Ben Stiller.



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