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[ # ] Bachelor(ette) cr8r Mike Fleiss thinks Ashley and JD are going to get married!
August 4th, 2011 under 50 Cent, The Bachelor, The CW

Today was The CW TCA Summer Press Tour Day and Mike Fleiss was there to talk about his upcoming show H8R with Mario Lopez, and he couldn’t get away with just talking about his new show without talking about his old one The Bachelorette.
On Monday night Ashley Hebert got engaged to J.P. Rosenbaum on The Bachelorette and the show creator told us after the panel that he thinks they are going to make it. When he was asked why he thinks they are going to get married, he said “They’re crazy about each other…Their hands are all over each other, their body language.” As you can see in the above Jimmy Kimmel Live interview that aired the night of the finale, they really can’t keep stop touching.
But haven’t we seen that with other winners who turned out to be losers. So I wanted to know if he thought that he saw them making it more than other couples from the past, and he didn’t hesitate by saying “More than Brad and Emily.”
So someone asked him if he saw there were problems between that former-couple and he shared his thoughts “I didn’t think they were rock solid.” But there was a couple another couple he had faith in, “Ali and Roberto we felt are going to work out.”
After 22 editions there technically has only been one marriage, so most people think the show doesn’t really lead to the winners finding love. And he ended his discussion on the ABC show by saying, “People give us sh!t about not having a great batting average. Lately, we’re sort of doing OK. You know we have Jason and Molly, Ali and Roberto; and that’s all in the last year. So that’s not bad. Our batting average seems to be improving.” It is improving, as long as you don’t remember that Jason didn’t chose Molly, he chose Melissa Rycroft and then dumped her on national television. But don’t be H8R over that little detail.
So since I brought up H8R, during the panel he announced that Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Kat Von D and Eva Longoria were all going to meet the people who don’t like them. But there was one name he shared with just us and it is the best one of the bunch. He said they just finished taping an interaction between Janice Dickinson and her H8R. And if ever there was a model for unlikable celebs, it is her!
BTW he didn’t tell us if Jason Mesnick or Bentley Williams will be appearing on H8R, but I think both of them should. Don’t you?



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