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July 24th, 2011 under CBS, David Hasselhoff/Baywatch

Tonight at 9p Same Name is going to debut and you are going to want to learn what it is like to have the same name as celebrity!
The CBS show is a mix between Wife Swap and Undercover Boss but with a celebrity angle. A civilian who has the same of a celebrity is going to switch places with the star and vice versa. The everyday Joe will experience the Hollywood lifestyle while the Hollywood star will live the life of the Joe Schmoe. Throughout the episode they will learn that both lifestyles are not as glamorous as they thought, and they will appreciate the ones that they have even more. Both will learn important lessons about the other one and we will learn important lessons about them.
Tonight’s premiere deals with a Tale of Two David Hasselhoffs and CBS started off with the right celebrity. You will see how caring he is and what a good guy he really is in this enjoyable hour of television.



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