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[ # ] The Last Exorcism gets evil on Chatroulette!
August 19th, 2010 under Eli Roth

So you know the Religious Fanatics have to be saying that Chatroulette is for sinners, well The Last Exorcism is showing the people playing the game just how evil it can be! Lionsgate came up with a heavenly plan to market their movie on one the most popular sites Chatroulette. Watch to see what they do because I know I enjoyed it. Could you imagine those poor boys who thought they were going to see a little boobage and instead saw…well watch the video to see what they actually got to see.
BTW Eli Roth’s produced The Last Exorcism is getting a lot of critical buzz and I can’t wait to see the suspenseful movie when it comes out on August 27th. Now those boys on the other hand have already had the sh!t scared out of them without seeing the movie, so much so that I doubt they will want to spend the money to have it happen again…or will they???



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