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[ # ] Justin Bieber should be afraid of Mark Wahlberg!
August 12th, 2010 under Justin Bieber, Marky Mark

Yesterday Mark Wahlberg was on Lopez Tonight and he told him about how is daughter has Bieber fever. So being the good dad that he is, he called his agent and asked him if he could get Justin Bieber’s phone number for him. Well the agent, who has made sh!tloads of money off of him, got the number and Marky Mark called it. Well he wanted to make sure that Ella Rae was daddy’s little girl so he told her that he called her crush and was waiting for him to call him back. Only problem Bieber hasn’t returned his call and now his daughter is following him around everywhere he goes because she doesn’t want to miss the call and sadly for her he still hasn’t called. So he told Lopez, “So I’m starting to get upset, man. I’m gonna have to mess up his hair.” If I were Justin Bieber, I would call Max Payne back because has he seen his abs? Does he know his past? That and I am sure Wahlberg would really like to tell him to say hi to his mother for him!
Seriously for Justin’s sake and hair, I really hope he calls Ella Rae ASAP. It will make her day and ensure he will have many more days…



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