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[ # ] Who knew Degrassi and Hanson fans were so wild?
June 16th, 2010 under Degrassi, Hanson

So Drake and Hanson were going to play a free concert at South Street Seaport in Manhattan, but the show had to be cancelled because they got over twice the amount of people they were expecting. Organizers were thinking that only 10,000 fans would come to see the former-Degrassi star and the mmmmmBop singers, and they were not prepared for 25,000 that showed up so they had to cancel the show. Well the fans were not happy and started throwing chairs and a table from balcony. Six people were injured, but thankfully none of them were seriously hurt.
When I read about the story, I thought who knew Degrassi and Hanson fans were so wild? I am fan of both, and I have never acted like that. Well there was this one time I was going to a free concert that David Cassidy was putting and he pulled out so I threw my underwear at the stage even though he didn’t come out to see them. But in all seriousness why does WNYW only think it was the Drake fans that reacted like that? They never mentioned Hanson once and their fans could be hard core. I had a friend who cried for a week when she heard Taylor got married.
Drake and Hanson took to Twitter to apologize to their fans.

Drake: “I am so dissapointed. To all the devoted fans that came out I wish you could have seen what I had planned! Until next time:
Hanson: “We are really really bummed. Things got to crazy at the #soundlikepaper event and the we were shut down. I wish we could have played! -I”
“Hope everybody is able to stay calm and that things don’t get out of hand. Again we are sorry that we could not play! -Isaac”
“so bummed #soundslikepaper show had to be called off…too many people to be safe! Thank u everybody who came out today!!”
“It was a real bummer to have the show canceled yesturday. We really wanted to play, but it was quickly becoming unsafe for everyone. -Z”

Finally Billboard posted this picture of what it looked like before the show got cancelled. It was really wall-to-wall people.



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